At CellFurb, we get this question a lot. Phones can suffer from an array of damage; from the dings of daily wear and tear to screen cracks to the dreaded toilet bowl drownings. If you’re struggling to decide whether or not you should get a phone repair or have it replaced, here is everything to consider first:


Do you have insurance on your phone or are you still within a warranty period? If your phone is relatively new and you happen to have a warranty, you can probably get a free repair covered under that warranty. That will be the easiest and most economical option for someone in that situation. In some cases, they may even replace your phone for free. Take advantage of your insurance or warranty if you do happen to have those in place.


If you do not have insurance for your phone and are no longer under warranty, you can choose to use a service like CellFurb to repair your device. It’s an affordable and efficient option. Repairing minor damage like screen cracks and fractures won’t drain your bank account and will certainly be a cheaper option than buying a brand new phone.


How much money will a phone repair set you back? This all depends on the extent of damage and the cost of parts and labor. The low price guarantee at CellFurb ensures that you are getting a good deal, but you should be wary of companies that promise to repair at a price that is too good to be true.


What if your phone is badly damaged? Was your device defeated in a battle against your car tires? If the cost of a repair is more expensive than it would cost to buy a new one, your device is, what we call in the biz, beyond economical repair and it is best to simply buy a new one.


If you aren’t sure if your device is considered beyond economical repair, you can always visit your local UBIF store or contact us for specific advice on your situation. We do offer a Diagnostic Service free of charge so that we can survey the damage and quote you an appropriate price for repair costs. If you’re looking for a fast turnaround time, it’s best to visit a physical location. Once the phone’s damage has been surveyed and it’s deemed fixable, you can have your phone back and good as new in around an hour.