CellFurb has always strived to have high quality parts and only sources the highest quality parts. Over the past 12 months we have had a 2.35% RMA (Return Manufacture Authorization) rate which is quite low for the industry. With the low RMA rate we also had some screen quality complaints. Some screens had visible pixels and visible touch sensing lines. As of last month we have sourced OEM 100% Original Apple screens straight from Foxcon. These parts come at a premium, we pay 25% more but are only charging you $5 more! With our quality project we have seen a 0% RMA rate over 1 month! Not only have we sourced original screens but also batteries and all other small parts. With this shift you will notice a $2-$5 increase in prices but to compensate this our locals get $10 off throughout 2017 and possibly 2018! This shift has been implemented across the board, all of our locations have seen a 0% rma rate and a dramatic quality increase. We are looking for feedback on our screens, if you get an email after your repair please let us know how you are liking your screens!

Thanks for reading!