To remain competitive in our marketplace and to remain fair to our customers we have slashed ALL our iPhone screen repairs in Whistler! We took $100 off some of our repairs! Our new Whistler pricing is as follows!

Whistler Screen Repair Pricing

iPhone 7 Plus: $190 from $290

iPhone 7: $180 from $220

iPhone 6s Plus: $180 from $230

iPhone 6s: $170 from $200

iPhone 6 Plus: $160 from $200

iPhone 6: $140 from $169

iPhone SE: $110 from $125

iPhone 5s: $110 from $125

iPhone 5c: $110 from $125

iPhone 5: $110 from $125

More Pricing

Plus applicable taxes. Our locals discount has now expired. These prices are subject to change but are scheduled to remain. CellFurb is moving to marketplace! Tell us what you think by contacting us! Anyone who has had their phone replaced in the last 1 week can get a store credit for the difference.