If you love Halloween as much as we do, you want every aspect of your life to be a little spooky leading up to the big day. We created these phone pouches for a social media video, and we thought they were too cool not to share! You can use these to protect your phone in your bag or as a neat decoration. This easy craft is perfect for a party, for a kid’s group, or just as a fun way to use the craft supplies you already have in your house.

  1. Draw out two identical outlines of your device onto a piece of felt, extending about 1/2 an inch around to leave room for sealing.
  2. Choose one side to be the front of the pouch, and use a glue gun to decorate it in any way you choose!
  3. Line up the front and back pieces, and use a glue gun to seal together the right, top and left sides. Be sure to leave the bottom of the pouch open so that the phone can be inserted.
  4. Use embroidery thread to create the illusion of stitching. This step can be skipped if you like it without the stitching effect.

Sources: UbreakIFix Blog

Photos: UbreakIFix Blog

Credit: UbreakIFix Blog